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Immunity Booster

Boost your immunity with Spirulina chikki
With goodness of jaggery & peanuts

  • Boosts your Immunity
  • High on Proteins
  • Packed with Minerals
  • Fights against Infections

Nutratimes chikki a day keeps the doctor at bay!


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Falling sick often?
Enhance immunity power today!

It is really scary when there are thousands of deadly viruses out there and you are falling sick over and over again due to low immunity power right? The fear of getting infected itself kills you mentally. With Covid-19 spreading, it is the need of the hour to keep our immunity power intact.

And that’s the reason why Nutratimes presents to you, Nutratimes chikki that’s filled with nutrients. Rich in protein, minerals and antioxidants, this Indian sweet helps keep diseases at bay by boosting your immunity. Spirulina is one of the best natural supplements to increase immunity power in the human body. Along with boosting immunity, this magical ingredient is useful in fighting diabetes, allergic rhinitis, anaemia and so on!

Here is a bonus! It feels so good on your tongue! It tastes sweet and you can eat it to your heart’s content instead of unhealthy snacking. Snack all you want while getting stronger and healthier. Order your special chikki now!

Spirulina Chikki that works like a charm

Kiss goodbye to all your health issues with this magical NUTRATIMES Chikki

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The secret behind the effectiveness


This chikki is full of minerals, nutrients and antioxidants which boost immunity and helps fight against deadly diseases and infections. Spirulina is one of the world’s best immune booster supplements. For centuries together this microalgae has been used for medicinal benefits and is known as “miracle from the sea”. This is usually found in oceans or lakes with high amount of salt content in subtropical climates.

Spirulina platensis, Spirulina maxima and Spirulina fusiformis are three major species known for their high nutritional value. Apart from boosting immunity, it is highly known for curing malnutrition.

Nutratimes Spirulina Chikki’s main ingredient is this high nutrition Spirulina, which makes the chikki popular in India, especially at a time when the world is suffering from infectious diseases that attack people due to their low immunity power.

How does Nutratimes Spirulina Chikki work

The immune-boosting magic

Optimizes immune function

The power ingredients of the Spirulina Chikki can optimize immune functions by strengthening the immune system as a whole. That helps you fight infections better.

Nourishes the immune cells

The nutrient-dense formula of the Spirulina Chikki makes the cells of your immune system healthy by supplying the cells with all the necessary nutrients most adequately. The result is healthy immune cells.

Stimulates immune responses

The Spirulina Chikki can pave the way for speedier and stronger immune responses allowing your body to battle against an antigen more actively and remove it effectively.

Benefits of Spirulina

Superfood for immunity


Spirulina boosts antibody production and shield body from infections, and serious health issues including cancer and high blood pressure.


Being called as a ‘superfood’ Spirulina is packed with Protein, vitamins, carbs and minerals and healthy fats, which can keep malnutrition at bay.


Spirulina is a powerful antioxidant and possesses anti-inflammatory properties which protect cells and DNA by fighting off free radicals produced in the body.


Spirulina in Nutratimes chikki helps you enjoy guilt-free snacking while enhancing your immunity power and protecting you against deadly viruses.

I never believed in taking supplements. But when someone told me that Nutratimes Chikkis could be an immunity boosting supplement, I did not hesitate to buy a box of them.

I am really surprised how Nutratimes Chikkis turned out to be the best immunity boosting supplement I have ever known. Thanks Nutratimes.

People used to sympathize with me due to my weak body and poor health. But after taking the Nutratimes Chikkis my health has improved a lot.

Most often, I used to fall sick & take sick leaves! One of my colleagues advised me to take Nutratimes Chikki. I haven't fallen sick since 5 months now!

Having Nutratimes chikkis is enjoyable & I can feel energy rushing inside when I eat them. Healthy IMMUNITY snacking!